The Daily Plug

Welcome to The Daily Plug, this is where you can find a list of the daily deals and many other discount codes that will save you your hard earned money. Write down the code you wish to take advantage of and enter the code in the "Discount" section after clicking the "Proceed to checkout" button when ordering through

(only one code may be used per purchase)


CODE: USA10 - 10% Off military discount for all retired and active men and women of the armed services. This code can be used with every visit.

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CODE: 1STTIME10 - 10% For all first time customers & patients. This code is one time use only


$25.00 cartridges all day every day. We are working with our vendor to get price conscious quality product to you during these trying times. Stay Safe, Stay High!!!!


CODE: KANEHCO- Buy Two Kaneh Co edibles and recieve the third for a penny.  This code can be used  every visit.


CODE: BTR15% - Save 15% and "Beat The Rush" when placing your order by or before 4:00p.m. Monday - Friday of every week. This code can be used with every visit. (Only when ordering Monday - Friday by or before 4:00p.m.)


PRE-ROLL FOR A PENNY!!! - Get a Pre-Roll for ONE PENNY with your next order by following us on Instagram @ebcsolutions or going on and leaving us a review on our listing page about our services or products. Call or text us @ (925) 206-7010 that you have started following EBC on Instagram or have left us a review on our Weed Maps listing so we can add the Pre-Roll for a penny to your order.  


Instagram Shoutout - Receive a personal 20% off discount code!!! Give EBC Solutions a shoutout on I.G., put a short video of you reviewing our products or services on your story line or simply re-post one of EBC's ad's or stories to receive your personal discount code. Be sure to tag EBC when you give us the shoutout.

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CODE: Royal10   - Receive  $10 off of every Royal Bud 1/8oz. on our menu. Limit 4 per customer.